I have a background in Economics and Finance with a strong interest in macroeconomics policy making areas. I have been doing reseach on The Causes of Financial Crisis Globally and its impact on the Eastern European States. In my research I identified the flaws in the regulatory and supervisory framework of the regulatory authorities governing the financial institutions and proposed the possible solutions to minimize the risk of future crisis.

At the moment i am associated with a reserach firm to do research on The Impact of Financial Crisis on UK Households’ Debt, Povery and Inequality. My research interests also include Islamic Finance and Economics System that if we implement Islamic Economic and Financial system how will it affect the economy and will it help to prevent future crisis.

I have over four years of Financial Advisory Experience in Oil & Gas Sector, Logistics Sector, Sugar Sector, Steel Sector etc. I have extensive experience of resource mobilisation activities, financial modelling, tax advising, financial restructuring, mortgage financing, compliance of prudential regulations and preparation of business plan.

I have created this blog so as to as a forum for common people and professionals to discuss the international economics and individual countries macroeconomics issues so that we can work together to bring stability, growth and prosperity globally.


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